Check Out These Clever Vinyl Storage Ideas

Check Out These Clever Vinyl Storage Ideas

You don’t have to get rid of your vinyl records, neither do you have to stash your records in a box in the garage and leave them to gather dust. You can implement incredible ideas with your vinyl records to revamp the appearance of your home or room and get a signature look. Having the records indicates your great love for music, and this should be displayed in your home to appreciate the good old music that revived your soul. How do you store the records inventively?

Vinyl Storage Shelf

Getting the perfect vinyl storage shelf saves you the headache of having the records in almost every part of your house. You can get your ideal shelf depending on your space from Tylko and arrange your records properly and artistically on the shelves to indicate presentation and love for the records:  

Storing them on the shelves eliminates disorganization. It further enhances the records’ lifespan, and you can always play them whenever it pleases you. There are different Vinyl storage shelves to choose from according to your room’s size, the volume of the records, and other preferences.

Vinyl Records Crate

If shelves are too ordinary for you, you can use some crates to revamp your living space or bedroom appearance. An Imaginatively crafted vinyl records crate offers the perfect way to store your vinyl records, and you don’t have to compromise by getting rid of them. 

Most of the crates are handcrafted, and they have leather handles for holding, and others have fasteners that ensure the records don’t fall during movement. They accommodate a significant number of records, and when strategically positioned, they give the room an arty feel, especially from the wood used in making the crate. To enhance elegance on the crates, you can add arty vinyl stickers and position them at strategic places in the room.

Bowl up your Vinyl Records

Interesting, right? You can transform your vinyl records into artistically crafted bowls. You can use the fashionable, retro, and functional bowls for anything your heart desires. Furthermore, you can also strategically place them at different home points to create a signature look, especially when used as centrepieces during a party. The bowls are also great for holding candy, keys and gifting them to a friend. To get the perfect product, ensure to take your vinyl records to a skilled professional in the field and get value for your money.