4 Sustainable Interior Design Materials for Your Home in 2021

4 Sustainable Interior Design Materials for Your Home in 2021

Sustainable interior designs have been trending since last year. The materials used add an exciting feel to your home and lower the ecological footprint. Most often, we visit home with interiors made of natural materials. You can notice the flooring, furnishing, and the furniture and other home decors have some natural feel. Today, there are many options for eco-friendly materials to transform your home into a work of art. Here are four materials you can try.


When it comes to structural materials, you can never get it wrong with bamboo. It’s sustainable and pretty versatile. Bamboo is strong and flexible, and they grow fast. You can use this material for window treatments, decorations, flooring, and many more. You can also use bamboo blinds to block the sun rays from hitting your space. Adding anything with the material brings an Asian influence to your space. Generally, bamboo is an excellent choice for indoor-outdoor décor. Bamboo is a perfect green option because the plant does not die after harvesting.

Bricks and Stones

Bricks have a beautiful effect on the house, and everyone will notice it. Using bricks gives your wall a lovely accent. You can also use this material to make a fireplace. Bricks are energy efficient, making them the best material for heating and cooling. It traps heat in winter to keep your house warm and soaks up the heat in summer to keep your house cooler. Stones such as marble and travertine are natural, and they come in varieties. You will likely find something that melts your heart. You can also get tiles or terrazzo flooring option with recycled content in them.


Sunlight is free and endless. Natural light is genuinely refreshing. Open your curtains and let the light shine in your house. Even though it’s not a “material” but an element, sunlight is powerful. You cannot overlook the aspect of natural light when designing a room. A room feels more elegant, inviting, and modern when you let natural light stream into it.


One of the things that cross our minds when talking about natural materials must be wood. It can be pine, cherry, oak, maple, or any other tree it was taken from. Wood is sturdy and comes in a variety of colours and finishes. It’s easy to find a material made of wood, and adding wood to your home interior is also simple. Wood can be used to design counters, trusses, staircases, or mantles. For more inspiration, check out other sustainable materials on Tylko’s guide.