5 Simple Steps to Feng Shui Your Home

5 Simple Steps to Feng Shui Your Home

A time comes when we start to rethink and reorganize our home with a little Feng Shui. Below are a few Feng Shui design principles to bring positive energy to your home. If you manage to do all the five, best believe you will attract some good energy.

Avoid the Backdoor

A lot of homes have a backdoor that people use to get in. However, the Feng Shui perspective suggests that this might bring some negative energy. So what does Feng Shui prefer? Use the front door more often, and good opportunities might come your way.

Always Close the Bathroom Door

When it comes to Feng Shui, people ask a lot of questions regarding the bathroom. Well, ideally, water flushed out of the toilet gets out through the bathroom. Water is related to wealth, and we don’t want our wealth to be flushed away. Feng Shui recommends that we keep that bathroom door and the toilet covers down.

Clean All the Windows

We see the world through the window. If the window is not clear, how are you going to see it and everything that it has to offer?

So pick up that rug and clean your windows. Allow your eyes to see all that the world has to offer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Plants Bring in Some Good Energy

In Feng Shui, good life energy comes from plants. Living plants bring vibrancy into our lives. The secret is to find a plant that you can care for and are appropriate in a particular space.